How to Download PlayBox for iPhone?

Would you like to get Playbox HD for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreaking your iOS device? Then there is a way to do this. Mostly the entire tutorial is based on a Windows application called VShare.

So, what is this VShare?

Vshare is a desktop application that helps iOS users to install their supporting app on iPhone or iPad. The VShare app is not accessible on the official AppStore as it allows to download some unauthorized applications directly onto iOS devices without any authentication. But, you can do install this store app on an iOS device to download PlayBox HD on iPhone or iPad without any fail.

Watching Latest Movies Online for free is not that easy. Why to get movies from torrents when there is a way to watch new movies online without paying a dime? Actually, Playbox HD is a movie streaming app that is available for Android and iOS. Installing Playbox HD app on an Android Smartphone is pretty much simple as the procedure involves fewer steps like download Playbox HD APK and installing it on Android Phone by allowing unknown sources. But, it is not in the case of iOS devices. You need to follow certain steps correctly to make functional on an iPhone or iPad. Showbox for iPhone will also do the same thing. Let me show you how.

Playbox HD for iPhone/iPad

playbox hd for iphone

Step 1: You need to visit and download .exe file to install the whole package on the PC.

Step 2: Open the VShare Windows Application and then connect the iPhone/iPad to it. The instructions will be shown on the dashboard of VShare app.

Step 3: Make sure to authenticate by selecting ‘Trust‘ option on the iPhone after connecting the iOS device to the computer using USB cable.

Step 4: After few seconds you will see VShare is getting installed on your Smartphone. You can even select ‘Install VShare’ option manually when necessary.

Step 5: Move back to iPhone or any iOS device like iPad or iPod and then find VShare App on iPhone. Open it and just search for Playbox to install Playbox HD on iOS.

Step 6: Authenticate the app by moving to Settings > General > Device Management > Select the Enterprise App and then Authorize by selecting the manufacturer.

Step 7: Now try opening the Playbox HD for iPhone app. It should work as expected.

We hope that this tutorial helped you in getting Playbox HD for iPhone or iOS devices. You can drop the comments below in the case of any difficulty while following the tutorial. Also, watch our video below to understand better on how to download Playbox HD for iPhone/iPad.

How to Download PlayBox for iPhone?
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April 13, 2017

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