Alternative Apps Like Showbox for Android & iOS

When you ask me about the best alternative apps like Showbox, I may mumble a bit for sure.

You may ask me, why?

The answer is quiet simple. Why to look for other apps like Showbox when you have Showbox app itself. But I agree, there are some times where the servers of Showbox application remain down. Also, it is obvious to have a backup plan for everything. So, to support you, I would like to bring few of the similar apps like Showbox for iPhone and Android. All these mobile applications are proved by themselves to be the best in streaming shows and movies on the Smartphone. And, people who are in search for the alternative app to Showbox has also been increased in the recent times. So, for those, here are the best apps like Showbox that you can try when the actual Showbox is not working.

apps like Showbox

Do you know that it is not that simple task to filter out hundreds of similar apps from the huge repository? Yes, it was really a challenging work. But, out of it, we here provided the best apps like Showbox for iPhone & Android and take your turn to check them when your present app goes down.

What are the Similar Apps like Showbox?

When I checked the user statistics of Showbox application, I was astonished by observing the final result. There are millions of daily active users to this app on both Android and iOS platforms. The conclusion is simple, it is free and the app provides of what it can be. No clutter and the functioning is a bit straightforward.

Because of the large user base, this app might go down frequently. But, at these time we don’t want you to miss the favorite show. To those of them, here are the backup apps like Showbox for both iPhone and Android. Test them and consider these similar functioning apps when feel the operation of Showbox is a bit slow.

1. CinemaBox

When we think about the alternative apps to Showbox, you can simple consider CinemaBox App. There are many more exceptional features and the app itself allows you to watch movies offline. You can run this CinemaBox app on both iPhone and Android Smart phones. It allows user to stream videos through Chrome Cast which is a wow factor. CinemaBox app provides you the ease to switch on the subtitles and can play them along with the movie. You have to download the APK of CinemaBox from the trusted sources other than Play Store as it was removed from the repository. For iPhone, you can get it from vShare.

2. MegaBox HD

The down side of this MegaBox is, as the app is only available for the people who are having Android Smartphone.  And, take my word this is the best alternative to Showbox. The overall app size is about 2 MB and you can download it from even 2G Internet. This MegaBox HD app allows you to stream the videos or movies at different pixels ranging from 360p to 720p. The navigation is pretty much clean and the shows are ordered by genre which can make the user to select the favorite show very quickly.

3. Flipps HD

After the few alternatives to Showbox, Flipps HD occupied third place in watching the free movies online on the Smartphone. Not only the favorite shows and movies, you are allowed to do more. You can watch the television shows directly without even paying a dime. Flipps HD allows you download the movies of your Interest for free and can save them on your Smartphone within few moves. What are you waiting for? Get it now.

To summarize , these are the best free apps like Showbox that you should try installing. Pick the best from the list and we hope it would work as desired. Happy streaming.

Alternative Apps Like Showbox for Android & iOS
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April 13, 2017

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