How To Cast Showbox to Roku TV?

First of all, only the Android Smartphone users can cast Showbox Movies on Roku TV and can also view shows from various channels. Sorry, iPhone users can’t mirror the iDevice screen to Roku device or Television. It is because of the iOS device restrictions.

Okay now. How can you stream movies from Showbox to Roku TV? Here is the guide for you!

cast showbox to roku

Using Chromecast or by getting Showbox for Roku Stick? No. Not at all. That’s another way to cast movies using Showbox Android App directly on your Television. Of course, you can search for all the shows within the app itself.

Note: Sometimes, the app won’t deliver the content that you are looking for. So, just be patient and keep on trying to watch your favourite shows.

What if I say that Roku TV itself has the feature to stream media onto the TV?

Yes. You can do that. Firstly, you need to enable the streaming media content which is in the settings area of your Roku TV. Here is the path to do that.

Switch on your Sharp Roku Smart TV and go to Settings then System. Here search for Screen Mirroring and just enable it. With the help of this screen mirroring features of Roku device, you can mirror what’s on your Smartphone, tablet, or PC screen onto your Television screen by connecting through the Internet.

enable screen mirroring roku

Furthermore, the enabling of screen mirror option is the first and foremost step to do if you would like to cast Showbox movies to Roku TV.

Now the time is to download and install Showbox APK on your Android device without signing up an account using your email address. To do it, read the following

Don’t neglect to be here after checking the above tutorials to continue executing this procedure. You’re just a few steps near to watch Showbox Movies on Roku TV.

Are you getting ready to install a few other third-party apps like AllCast etc.? Just hold on for a second. Seriously, you don’t need to have any other Android apps to start playing movies on Roku TV wirelessly from the Internet. Probably, all you need to have the newer version of Android version that itself has the Cast feature. So, let’s have a look at this method.

Cast Showbox to Roku TV

There are thousands of people who are successfully using this method to watch movies on Roku TV using Showbox App. I’m using Xiaomi Redmi 3S for demonstration.

Step 1: Preparing to Cast Showbox App

First of all, make sure both Roku and the Android Smartphone connected to the same Wifi network including frequency bands if you’re using a dual-band wireless router. Also, as I mentioned above, enable the screen mirror feature that was already available on Roku.

Step 2: Pairing Roku to Smartphone

The next very step is to pair the Smartphone with Roku TV. To do this, find the cast feature on your mobile (mostly by dragging down the navigation panel). Open the Cast interface and wait a minute to see Roku device. If you get the name of the Roku, just pair it. Apparently, now you will see the whole home screen of your Android on Sharp Roku TV.

stream movies to roku tv

Step 3: It’s Showbox App turn

Consider this as a final move. All you need to open the Showbox APK App, select the movie that you would like to watch on the big screen then hit Watch Now. As a result, you can enjoy the movie experience to the mark. Also, you can even use the search feature to play some favorite movies.

how to cast showbox to roku tv

Bonus Tip: In addition, rotate your Smartphone screen to watch free online movies at best.

Finally, do you think this tutorial useful? If yes, why can’t you share it? And tell your friends that it is now possible to cast Showbox on their Roku TV to watch latest online movies for free.

How To Cast Showbox to Roku TV?
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October 10, 2018
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