Install Showbox APK on Android Smartphone

Installing Showbox App on Android Smartphone is not a difficult task. Usually, you can’t download and install Showbox APK app on Android directly from the Play store since the Showbox App is not official approved to be in the Store. But there is a way to run the APK of Showbox on Smartphone by downloading the latest version of Showbox APK. For every version, there are few enhancements done from the developer’s side that help users to watch online movies for free without moving paying a dime for premium services like Netflix. So, let’s move ahead to know how you can install Showbox APK on Android.

The prerequisites are Showbox APK (you can get it here), an Android Smartphone (either stocked version or rooted) and of course the better Internet to watch online shows via Showbox App.

Install Showbox APK on Android

Install Showbox APK

We hope that you have the APK of Showbox App and make sure that the file is not corrupted. In case if you downloaded the Showbox APK on Computer then transfer the file to the Smartphone using a USB cable or by any means. If you got the APK directly on Smartphone, that would be great because you’re ready to install Showbox APK on your Android Smartphone without being transferred from PC.

Okay now. Let’s proceed to the core part of the tutorial of installing Showbox APK application on Android Smartphones.

Steps to Install Showbox APK on Smartphone

Step 1: Go here to download the working Showbox APK if you haven’t downloaded yet. It is a must file to have to complete this tutorial.

Step 2: Browse the path to the downloaded file either the phone memory or SD Card. Just confirm whether the app is healthy or corrupted.

Step 3: By default, all the Android Smartphones come with the disabled status of ‘Unknown sources.‘ What does this mean? Well, let me tell you in brief.

What is ‘Unknown Sources’?

To prevent the Smartphone from severe attacks (like from hackers or some malware), the Android itself defenses by blocking unknown apps that are being installed on the phone which aren’t verified by Play Store. Only the applications that are tested by the developers will be in Android Store.

So to install those unverified apps like Showbox, you need to enable ‘Unknown Sources.’

So how can you do that? Here you go.

Move to Settings then Additional Settings (if you have) then Privacy. You here find the option to enable ‘Unknown Sources.’ Just turn it on.

unknown sources android

Step 4: You’re almost done. Now come back to the downloads section and then tap the latest Showbox APK file.

If the app is in .zip format, extract it using any extraction app to the location you need. Most of the Smartphones will have a default extraction tool. Use it.

showbox apk extract

When you get the Showbox APK app, just select it. Now press ‘Install.’ It might take few seconds to complete the task.

Select ‘Done’ or ‘Open’ when you get the below screen. From now start watching online movies for free using latest Showbox APK.

How To Install Showbox APK

Step 5: The final step is to select the ‘Age’ and ‘Gender,’ and you’re ready to go.

That’s awesome. From now you can watch latest movies online for free on Showbox App. In case if you are facing any problems when you install Showbox APK on Android, do let us know via comment section.

Install Showbox APK on Android Smartphone
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April 13, 2017

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