Install Showbox App on PC using BlueStacks

Now movie freaks can install Showbox App on PC without having a Smartphone either Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod). There are many tutorials out there on the internet about the process of installing Showbox APK on PC but few may work and few may not. We have gone through many, but there are quite confusing and very hard to find the sure way to run Showbox on PC like Windows or Mac. So, to comprehend every tutorial, we decided to draft out a perfect guide to install Showbox for PC using BlueStacks. You can even check the video of running Showbox APK on PC if the text version of this procedure felt hard to implement.

The prerequisites are very general. All you need is the Showbox APK, a suitable configuration Computer, BlueStacks app player and the Internet.

Install Showbox App on PC

Operating Showbox on PC is not a laborious task. You should have some familiarity on how to install and run few applications like Android emulator. If you know how to do the steps right, then probably the whole tutorial will take very few minutes to complete. After then you can freely watch online movies directly on your Windows PC just in few mouse clicks. However, during the long run, you may face some issues with the installed Showbox App on PC. In that case, just update Showbox APK on PC by downloading the newer version of Showbox.

showbox app on pc

Some people may also call Showbox as Moviebox as that is the primary purpose of this Android Application. Mainly, for the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad you need to install Moviebox on iPhone/iPad and for Android it is Showbox. The functionality and the user interface is almost alike. It is better to know this variation if you are the core user of Showbox or Moviebox.

What is BlueStacks?

The popular and extremely used Andriod Emulator is BlueStacks. It is an App Player that helps to run APK files directly on Windows or Mac computer. Yes. BlueStacks will also run on Mac PC. The only requirement is the PC configuration. It is must to have a 1GB of RAM and a minimum supported processor to run BlueStacks on Windows PC. Once you have a PC with this hardware configuration, proceed with the next steps.

How to Run Showbox APK on PC?

To make the app up and running, the user need to do is to install BlueStacks on PC with a backup of Showbox APK. You can download Showbox APK from this blog. Don’t worry; I will be telling you on how to do this right.

Using MAC? See How to get Showbox for Mac

Step 1: Installing BlueStacks on PC

Visit the website of BlueStacks App Player and download the installation file to get Showbox for PC. Open it and allow to download the whole package of BlueStacks App Player to the PC.

showbox app bluestacks

Step 2: After you find the desktop icons of BlueStacks, get the Showbox APK from here. Make sure to extract the zip file to get the updated Showbox APK.

APK latest version

Step 3: Once you have the APK of Showbox, right-click on it and select “Open with” and then select “Choose program.” From the program files, find BlueStacks then select it. Now the APK file will be installed on your BlueStacks App Player. Once it gets installed, you will see a notification in the taskbar.

install show box on computer

Step 4: Now find the Showbox App Icon within the App Player then open it. Showbox App will open instantly with the news feed. Go to “Options” then choose “Movies” to watch latest movies online for free.

Install Showbox App using BlueStacks

Take time to explore the functions of Showbox Application within BlueStacks App Player. Showbox App will run flawlessly on PC by following these steps. One need to update the app in case of any application malfunction. Also, check out the video tutorial on how to install Showbox App on PC using BlueStacks that will drive you through step by step in action.

Install Showbox App on PC using BlueStacks
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April 13, 2017

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