Showbox for iPhone or iPad – No Jailbreak!

Do you have a question on ‘How I can download Showbox for iPhone?’ Then probably you are at the right place. There are various tutorials over the Internet about the procedure of using it on an iPhone or an iPad. Like you, I too followed the steps accurately as told by many other websites. But I didn’t get any result except the pop-ups which lead me to the survey pages. I thought this is not the right process of getting Showbox iPhone/iPad.

So, is there any way to get Showbox for iPhone without Jailbreaking the iOS device?

Yes. There is a way! It took me a day to draft out this working tutorial that will tell about how you can use this app on iOS device without Jailbreaking. But, you need to know one thing here. The makers of Show Box have renamed the same application as Moviebox for iPhone (actually for all iOS devices). You can still get Showbox APK for Android but for iOS it is Moviebox.

Showbox for iPhone or iPad using VShare

The entire workout on getting Showbox for iOS depends on a Windows Operating System application called VShare Helper. So, what is VShare?

Showbox for iPhone iPad No Jailbreak

VShare is a Windows Operating System application that helps the iOS user to install the application on their iOS devices like iPad. You might get a question now, is that necessary to install VShare to run the Show Box on an iPhone? The answer is yes. VShare helper is mandatory to make the entire tutorial work. Trust me; it won’t occupy more space on your hard drive, and it will do the task as directed.

How to get Showbox for iPhone to Watch Movies/Shows?

Finally, let me share the steps to install Showbox iPhone or iPad with you all. When I’m writing this tutorial, the entire process is working flawlessly. So, in case if something breaks at your end, do let me know without any fail. I will update the procedure as soon as possible.

What is the workaround on using Showbox for iPad/iPhone?

Nothing much technical. As the Moviebox is not available in AppStore, we are just installing the ShowBox App on iPhone using other Store called VShare. As VShare is the alternative for AppStore, you won’t find it on Apple Store.

So, to install VShare Helper App on iPhone, we’re first installing VShare on Windows PC and then downloading VShare to iPhone within few minutes. Later by using VShare, we will run Moviebox on iPhone/iPad/iPod without any issues.

Steps to Download Showbox iPhone on a Windows Computer Easily

Step 1: Downloading and Installing VShare on Windows PC

Unfortunately, VShare is not available for Mac PC. So, you must have a Windows computer to install the VShare App on iPhone/iPad/iPod. First, visit VShare Helper website and download the whole package. Later, install it on PC by following the onscreen instructions. This will eventually make you to use the app on iPad.

vshare for iphone

Step 2: Open the VShare software then wait for few minutes as it downloads the required add-ons.

Step 3: Connect the iPhone to PC using lightening cable. Make sure to ‘Trust’ the computer without any fail.

Showbox App iPhone

Step 4: Now see, the VShare desktop app will automatically install VShare store app on your iPhone.

Step 5: Take your iPhone and open the VShare app. Search for Moviebox and then download it to get Showbox for iPad.


Step 6: The process isn’t completed yet, as we are getting the Moviebox or Showbox for iPhone from another store, we need to authorize the developer. To do it, go to Settings > General > Device Management > Select the Enterprise App and then Authorize it.

How Can I Run Showbox iPhone

Step 7: Congratulations. You can now watch online movies for free using Moviebox on iPhone.

Showbox iPhone No Jailbreak

How to Watch Online instead of downloading?

By default, the movie that you select will be on Torrent mode. In this way, you can download the chosen video directly from torrents. But to watch online for free, you need to select the ‘Server’ and then choose the resolution that you feel convenient.

I hope this tutorial on how to install Showbox iPhone/iPad helped you to watch online movies for free. If yes, please consider sharing this article on getting Moviebox for iPad or any iOS device with your friends and family. Also, do look at the video tutorial where I have shown the complete walkthrough on how to install Showbox on an iPhone without Jailbreak easily.

Showbox for iPhone or iPad – No Jailbreak!
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June 15, 2017
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